Meet Heath Stockburn Games Night guest host & boardgame inventor from Burnley

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Meet Heath Stockburn Games Night guest host & boardgame inventor from Burnley

Read about Heath ahead of our first Tuesday Games Night at Kava Todmorden from 7pm on 8th January 2019

My love of gaming is best when focusing around bringing many different types of people together and creating that buzz of people getting to know one another. My aim is to give people a platform with which to build good relationships. I believe that board gaming is just one way to do this. I also believe that board gaming is a catharsis to our tech sore age which we live in, board gamin is kinetic, tangible, energising, stimulating, challenging and most importantly personal.

I channelled some of my creativity into designing a board game.

I started designing Soul of the Empire in 2013.  I had just moved house and had my third child, Dolly. Being a husband and father of three with a full time job was a lot of work.

Shortly after moving house I left my job as a full time teacher so my wife could go to work as a full time teacher. I was now a full time house husband.

It was during this time as a house husband I started designing Soul of the Empire. During its infancy it was called AD33, this was its workshop name as I hadn’t found a name that captured the game I was trying to make, nor did I have a finished product to name. It was a catch 22 situation. No game, no name. No name, no game.

In its infancy it was a three player game, and it stayed this way for a couple of years. I wanted to bring the complex military, political and spiritual dynamic of this era to life, to put some of this tension onto the table. At first I focussed on the Israelites, the Romans and the Christians. It was important to show the specific dynamic of these three factions and what happens when they push up against one another. I believe that SoE captures some of the dynamic of that era and allows us to reimagine it through he mechanics of a board game.

Now the finished product can be viewed online at:

The whole account of its creation can be read at: