About the cafe

What is now a canalside coffeehouse and restaurant, first opened as a vegetarian cafe on the Halifax Road in Todmorden before moving to its current location about three years ago. The original founders Dale (the first bassist in The Smiths) and his Ukrainian wife and force of nature Svetlana (the provenance of the name Kava which is Slavic for coffee) laid the foundations and new owners have added a restaurant menu which is garnering plenty of praise.


In January 2017 Kava was purchased by a new company called Good Food Lovers Ltd created by Immy, Nick and Bob. Thirty years earlier the trio were founder members of Basta Pasta! a renowned Workers Cooperative in Manchester Piccadilly. Now they are back together like a reformed rock band. And they are not doing it for the money although they might have one eye on their pension arrangements…


Like Basta Pasta! Kava represents a home from home, a welcoming place to meet and converse, or enjoy distinctive food and drink. 


The coffees from our Italian espresso machine are made with just one type of freshly ground beans from a single estate in Brazil called Fazienda Rio Verde. Our coffee roasters Coffee Real have visited the fazienda in person to make sure everything is just right and to ensure sustainability pays Rio Verde a premium of at least 30% over the New York Coffee Market price. This family business also supplies the Ethiopian Djimmah for our French Press and Aero Press Cafetieres and the ‘Salvation’ decaffeinated coffee which is made using an all-natural process. So you can be sure your coffee is good in both senses of the word. Enjoy them here and/or buy a bag of ground coffee or beans to take home.


All our teas are loose leaf and brewed in your own pot with a wonderfully aromatic range to choose from courtesy of Pennine Teas and Birdhouse Teas in Sheffield.


We have a full licence and offer a range of wines and local craft beers. Please do share with us your suggestions.


Our food menus have been lovingly curated by Aron Robinson, who learnt his trade at The Old Coop next door, drawing on recipes and ingredients from across the world while using local seasonal produce to create vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes that everybody loves.


We cater for a growing repertoire of business, public or private events on site or off site including the annual Tod Folk Festival, the monthly Todmorden Wednesday Writers open mic night, and much more…


Being in the Three Valleys, Kava is a creative place and we are always interested in joint ventures that can benefit the local community, economy and environment. Just ask… 


We will continue to work hard to offer you the best in sustainable and ethical food, look after our team, suppliers and environment, and pay our taxes.


Together by industry we can prosper”


Yours kindly



The Best Canalside Terrace in The Three Valleys?

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Ready to visit?

Kava is easily accessible no matter how you plan to visit. We have free car parking available in the Oxford Street Car park behind Kava, we are easily accessible via train with a matter of minutes walk from the station. Visiting via rochdale canal? no problem our canalside terrace is just a few steps away.